First off, let me start by stating I believe in making sure I put out a product that is free of errors and communicates value. However, I don’t believe in proofreading articles to a point where every error has to be eliminated.

If I head down the path of perfection, every article wouldn’t be released until the end of 2020. Then, when we schedule a meeting you will begin to think I’m not authentic. You will notice that I’m not the same guy as the writing on the internet.

The truth is I’m human, I make mistakes and I’m beginning to embrace it. This truth has lead to the following benefits in my writing ability.


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Boost Confidence

When I decided that I would build content through writing I began to lose confidence.


Because I was afraid I wasn’t good enough to put out error free content. That you would judge me for mispelling worsd that should b simple for somene with a colege degree (see what I did there lol).

My confidence picked up when I started to focus on the value of the content instead of the grammar used in the content.


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Increase Productivity

Productivity is KEY in all things. When I listened to Gary Vaynerchuk talk about speed and how it’s essential to business that’s when the light bulb lit up to reveal the following:

Vision + Speed = Productivity

I’m most productive when I execute my vision of communicating value as fast as I can. If I stall or hesitate in any way I will start to procrastinate.


Photo by Dami Adebayo on Unsplash

Eliminate Procrastination

Procrastination is the weed of any business garden and it comes in many forms. Here are a few that took over me.

  1. Fear of success (What happens if I change? Would my circle still love me?)
  2. Fear of failure (What happens if I fail? I will have to get another job?)
  3. Doubt in myself (Am I good enough to become a better version of myself?)

You may have your own weeds but these are mine and I’m working on it. Procrastination stopped when I recognized that like a garden weeds are always a threat and those threats never go away. Instead of letting them grow, I try and cut them down and manage my garden the best way I know how. One day I will place myself in position to pay some to cut them down for me but until then I will tend to my own garden.

The fact is writing is hard, at least for me it is. I’m proud to show my errors to reveal how hard it is to communicate a message of value to you and actually prefer to communicate that value instead of making sure my work is pristine.


About The Author

About The Author

Quinton Wash is a digital developer based in Charlotte, NC. During his career, Quinton has experienced various obstacles that could derail any working professional's career. Armed with critical knowledge on how to excel one's career and business, Quinton shares his keys (major keys) to success here through his writing and public speaking.

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